Monday, June 22, 2015

Air Optix Colours

The NEW Alcon Air Optix colours monthly contact lenses have been launched and are available now at Mortimer Hirst.

This is the most oxygen permeable coloured contact lens available on the market. There are 9 natural looking, beautiful colours available in power ranges +6.00 to -8.00.

If you are after a subtle colour change there are 5 colour options; Pure Hazel, Green, Blue, Gray, Brown.

If you are after a vibrant colour change there are 4 colour options; Honey, Gemstone Green, Brilliant Blue, 
Sterling Gray

The colour change is achieved by 3 components;
1. The outer ring which defines and emphasises the outer edge of the iris
2. The primary colour which transforms the eye colour
3. The inner ring which brightens the eye colour and adds eye colour depth

Consistent comfort is provided throughout the whole day with Air Optix colors due to the dual action of the coloured pattern being embedded into the back surface of the contact lens and the plasma surface moisture protection technology.

To help you decide which eye colour change you are after, there is an AIR OPTIX COLORS Colour Studio available This allows you to “virtually try on” all the different colours. Mortimer Hirst clients have found this Colour Studio very useful prior to their Air Optix Colours contact lens assessment. Please call the friendly team at Mortimer Hirst to book your Air Optix Colours contact lens assessment today.  


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