Tuesday, October 26, 2010

SynergEyes hybrid Contact Lens improves Keratoconus comfort

The exciting new SynergEyes™ hybrid contact lens for keratoconus: I have finally got this into New Zealand with already fantastic results. This innovative design incorporates an 8mm rigid centre zone to provide crisp vision, and a 3mm soft “skirt” all around to provide soft lens comfort. This lens does not slip around like a traditional (small) rigid contact lens and gives very stable vision. It is available on the NZ contact lens subsidy and is no more expensive to replace than normal lenses. Please look at http://www.synergeyes.com/ for more information.

Latest news on Ortho-K

Recent research in Sydney has strengthened the evidence that Ortho-K lenses slow down progressive myopia (short-sightedness) in teenage children. These specially shaped rigid lenses are worn overnight to re-shape the cornea in a non-invasive and reversible fashion, to provide clear vision the next day without spectacles or normal contact lenses. They are excellent for correcting mild to moderate myopia up to about -4.00DS, and now with the bonus that we can intervene with deteriorating vision for the first time. Please look at http://www.paragoncrt.com/ for more information.